Karate Kid

By | December 15, 2013

karate kidThe Karate Kid is a 1984 film which has over time become a classic with people of all ages. The famous lines within the movie, such as “wax on, wax off” have forever become a part of undying pop culture.

The movie was directed by John G. Avildsen and was written by Robert Mark Kamen. It is an American romantic, comedic drama movie focusing around a young boy (the karate kid) and his karate trainer and mentor Mr. Miyagi.

The story starts when Daniel moves with his mother to California, he befriends a girl named Alli. Alli is dating a boy named Johnny, whom is the best student at Kobra Kai Dojo. Daniel knows a bit about karate and Johnny and him duel, Johnny easily defeats Daniel. In turn, Johnny and his group torment Daniel at any chance they could possibly get. Mr. Miyagi sees Daniel getting a beating from Johnny and his gang of karate thugs and intervenes, beating all 5 people easily. Daniel is in awe and asks Miyagi to be his teacher, though Mr. Miyagi initially refuses after a later turn of events Miyagi decides to teach Daniel.

Over the course of the movie we view Daniel and his struggles to essentially become “the karate kid” and other crucial parts of the plot. By the end of the movie we see Daniel defeat Johnny. Johnny turns over the trophy to Daniel and proclaims “You’re all right LaRusso! Good match!” The movie ends with Mr. Miyagi and Daniel’s mother looking on as Daniel celebrates his victory.

The movie has gone on to win awards and become a cult classic with kids to this day still discovering the movie. Many people state how the movie is inspiring and sends a message to kids to always overcome their issues and to work hard. The movie became a chain after the release of Karate Kid 2.

Karate Kid 2 – 1986

Karate Kid 2 is a 1986 sequel to The Karate Kid, gaining even more views at the box office than the previous movie it instantly became a hit. The Karate Kid 2 did however receive mixed reviews from critics. The sequel follows the same two focal characters from the first movie, being played by the same people as well.

This movie starts off with the crowd being brought to almost right after the end of Karate Kid. John Kreese is angered over his pupil’s Johnny’s second place win, and beats him in the parking lot nearly killing him. Johnny’s friends plead to John to let Johnny go, but instead John tries attacking them as well. Daniel and Mr. Miyagi, while leaving the venue notice the beating. Mr. Miyagi then pacifies John, ending with a comedic tweak of John’s nose. Daniel is upset as to why Mr. Miyagi didn’t kill or hurt John. Miyagi delivers another iconic line at this point stating “For person with no forgiveness in heart, living even worse punishment than death.” Johnny and his friends are so horrified by John’s actions that they quit the Kobra Kai Dojo. Viewers are then brought to a scene 6 months later where Daniel is upset with his girlfriend Alli for leaving him for a UCLA football player.

Over the next few scenes we learn that Daniel and his mother will be moving to Fresno, but Miyagi has made a deal with his mother allowing Daniel to stay with him for the summer. We also learn that Daniel’s father is dying. The rest of the movie plays out Daniel’s struggles and issues with a person named Chozen. By the end of the movie we see Daniel and Chozen battle, Daniel spares Chozen’s life and Mr. Miyagi looks on the spectacle proudly.

Both of these films have become iconic, and will stay that way. They teach more than just self defense but also to have faith within yourself, pity on others and much more. Kids all over the world enjoy these movies every day, as well as most adults as well. The Karate Kid and it’s sequel are a pair of must see movies for all ages.

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