How To Make Kids Love Math?

By | September 15, 2013

how to make kids love mathThe mobile phone app “Uchilka”—an affectionate Russian colloquial term for a female schoolteacher — may be voted the Chain Reaction competition’s best educational startup project of 2013, for its role in aiding children study the multiplication table.

The project doesn’t have peers in Russia or abroad. Its developers, project manager Vladislav Gusev and NextStep Entertainment’s CEO Alexander Leonov, took an innovative way of the project. The app offers 10 lessons taught by the virtual teacher named Agnessa Ivanovna. She’s an embodiment of the stereotypical Russian schoolteacher: A stern yet kind, bespectacled woman over 45, with a tall hairdo. She’s capable of various threats that she never really promises to conduct.

“There was the concept after attending Digital October’s Startup Weekend. We reviewed 125 projects for a day, acting as experts. Following your Startup Weekend was over, I used to be perplexed and slightly shocked, because I hadn’t seen anything of interest to my opinion — just clones of Western and existing Russian services,” Gusev told RBTH.

How To Make Kids Love Math? – “Uchilka”

Third-grade students in a Moscow school were asked to make the decision exactly what the teacher would appear to be. That they had to select from space alien, a robot, an owl along with other extraordinary characters, many kids voted for just a regular teacher they’ve known and love.

Agnessa Ivanovna was voiced over by Irina Grishina — an actress every Russian knows since the voice behind Electronic, a child robot from a famous, Soviet sci-fi movie. The app works for a dialog — a function made possible by a much healthier voice-recognition system. The e-teacher is thus efficient at not only calling her students by name, but of using a meaningful conversation.

Completing one lesson takes approximately a couple of hours and a half, and, following your course is completed, the student’s parents will receive a diploma including a congratulatory video by email. All parents are related is test the end result.

“We have now implemented several innovations. It’s an animated app the place that the kid interacts that has a childrens favourite without feeling self-conscious. Children are inclined to feel psychological discomfort in class, whereas, here, they can try their answers again — as much as threefold,” Leonov said.

NextStep Entertainment was founded in 2011. Progression of Uchilka took a year and a half (with no outside investors), as well as project premiered in late March of 2013.

The app is now readily available for smartphones and tablets running iOS or Android; it usually is downloaded from AppStore or Google Play.

Agnessa Ivanovna charges $3 on her entire course of study. “I am greater than satisfied with Agnessa Ivanovna’s performance. We knew there wouldn’t be a quick payoff. There’ll be money eventually, nonetheless it will take time,” the app’s developers said.

The Uchilka project are going to be expanding to include new teachers plus much more subjects, including history, physics, geography, reading and languages. Also, lessons will likely be translated into other languages.

“Following that, we’ll implement augmented reality — something that’s brought up a good deal, but not everybody understand what it is usually,” Leonov said. “By way of example, if ‘2+2’is written for the blackboard, you will see a simple solution to the present problem via your smartphone. Or, suppose you’ve approached a building and don’t know which place to go following that. It would be enough to acquire some kind of mark on that building in order to check your smartphone and obtain everything.”

During its 24 months in operation, NextStep Entertainment has launched another successful project — the LastPost “day of reckoning” app for Apple devices. The firm’s plans add a global service for owners, a healthcare service, and an entertainment project whose data is kept tightly under wraps but is scheduled to kick or punch the market a month from now.

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